Mattresses Collection

  • PacBed Original™

    Memory Foam Mattress

    Med. Firm

    Our basic smooth-top model serves up great sleep at an affordable price without compromising quality.

  • Tranquility

    Memory Foam Mattress


    One of our most popular memory foam mattresses has a newly designed cover that’s packed with even more TENCEL® than before. Enjoy comfort and pressure relief on this smooth top mattress with the added benefits of TENCEL®, a performance fabric that’s more absorbent than cotton, soft like silk, and cooler than linen.

  • Silk Symphony

    Memory Foam Mattress

    Med. / Extra Firm

    The ultimate in luxury and versatility, this memory foam mattress uses both sides to give two distinct feels. Its quilted top on one side provides a traditional look and medium feel, while the flat-stitched side offers an extra firm feel.

  • Serenity

    Memory Foam Mattress


    Our newly redesigned Serenity is an ultra luxury mattress at an affordable price. It is designed to pamper you with a CoolRest® Adaptive plush quilted cover and unique, progressive layers of specialty foams that provide a cloud-like sleep experience without compromising support.